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Lekan - High flying in the City, maverick Management Consultant and Co-Founder of Capital Moments speaks on all things finance, dealing with your debt and getting into a City career.

Beardfluence speaks to Lekan, maverick Management Consultant and Co-Founder of Capital Moments on all things personal finance, dealing with your debt and getting into a City career.
What is Management Consulting in Capital Markets and how did you make this your career?
Management Consulting in Capital Markets essentially involves provide consulting & advisory services for financial service firms operating within the capital markets, including but not limited to investment banks, commercial banks, asset managers and financial infrastructure firms.

At a high level, you're involved in projects and transformation exercises to increase a firm's revenue or reduce their costs and as such impact positively on their profitability. At a more tactically level, my role is more focussed on large scale business and regulatory transformation projects, assisting my clients to manage, deliver and execute these changes with minimal disruption to their business.

My attraction to this role has been underpinned by my long-term interest in financial services; starting 6th form at the peak of the credit crisis peaked my interest in this industry. Separately, I have always been interested in using technical & entrepreneurial type-skills in the work environment and consulting bridges the gap perfectly.
Tell us, as you have experienced working and living in both, where’s better New York or London? What are your NYC tips?
Hmm, tough one to answer.

Work-wise, if you're still young, with limited commitments and ready to learn - New York is definitely probably the best option. You really get an opportunity to work with bright minds and thrust with responsibility and trust.

Living-wise, New York is a great city in terms of social experiences and general things to do by virtue of the fact it is literally non-stop 24/7. Places are always open and you can never feel bored but from a price-point perspective. New York is very expensive to live or buy in and although we think London is an expensive city, the idea of being able to buy an apartment in Manhattan seems inconceivable in comparison to a similar type area in London.

Overall and on balance, London is better if you want to grow a family whilst still working in a competitive environment but New York will always hold a place in my heart.

Top tips for people interested in moving to work in New York

- Be ready to be direct
- Back yourself and the rest will follow
- Network, network, network
It is well reported that the City of London struggles with diversity and in particular employing young black people, whether in law, management consulting and banking or otherwise – what advice would you give to young black aspiring professionals starting out?
Agree, it is tough from a diversity perspective but things are fortunately picking up. I would advise people to still be confident that their chance & opportunity will arise. Once it does come, take it with both hands and extend yourself with complete effort.

The Black British professional experience is still fairly immature, in terms of volume of senior leaders and depth of black talent. In the next 5 - 10 years, the corporate scene will transform more so to reflect the wider population so if you're starting out, you have to imagine the landscape in 10 year cycles.

In 10 years, there will more people like you at your peer group and within your market audience as well as the fact you will be black leader for the upcoming professionals. When you have that mindset, you can look to the future with more positivity.
In addition to Management Consulting, you are also the Co-Founder of the Capital Moments – could you describe what the mission is of your platform?  
The key aim of Capita Moments is to foster millennial minds & create an informed society.

Our focus is to ensure the young millennials of today & tomorrow are equipped with the lessons & tales of the pitfalls the millennials of yesterday had to endure in their professional and personal live, be it buying their first property, applying for their first job or landing their first promotion.

In addition, we want to create a more level playing field with regards to access to information and news that is crucial for young people to remain commercially aware of the world around them.
Budgeting – what advice would you give to someone who is absolutely overwhelmed by the thought of budgeting and facing their debts?
Budgeting can appear like an exhaustive task but key advice would be to relax, starting today is better than starting tomorrow. Think about the future not the past, budgeting can be managed by considering 3 key steps.

- Estimate what your monthly income is
- Record your average monthly expenses are, inclusive of fixed & variable spend
- Focus on ensuring income 30% higher than expenses by examining methods to reduce expenses & opportunities to increase your income
How do you switch off from everything you are involved in and practice self-care?
It is extremely difficult and it's definitely something I am constantly working on, particularly as my role at work has involved more responsibility as well as other significant life events.

I try to find time in my week or month where I have time to do a dedicated activity that calms & relaxes me, be it relaxing with friends, reading a book, watching Netflix, playing sport or taking a spa-day.

By having an actual time in the week or month I know is dedicated towards self-care it actually helps with executing my work because I always have something I can look forward to.
What is your current beard-care routine (aside from Beardfluence!) ?
Generally, I try to shampoo & condition a few times a month, I do not try to over-do it as I like to ensure my beard maintains it nature moisture.

I do however like to apply Jamaican castor oil every other day or so, and more frequently in the winter to ensure my beard remains full.
Having already achieved a great deal (at a young age!) what is next for Lekan and Capital Moments in the next few years?
Aha, appreciate that. Still a long way to go for sure!

Next few years, I definitely see myself cementing my legacy further within the professional services industry to position myself as a senior leader in the sector.
For Capital Moments, I definitely see us continuing our current momentum & beginning the initial stages of our next 10 year strategy to see Capital Moments grow our community give-back opportunities, such as scholarships, corporate apprenticeships and grants.