As featured in GQ Magazine


Why isn't my beard growing? For the large part it could likely be just genetics, which (unless you are a super smart genetic scientist!) unfortunately we can't change. What we can change for the better however is our routine and regime for caring for our facial hair. Here are our top tips:

1. Exfoliation

Dead skin and trapped hair may be hindering your growth and trapping the hair shaft from flourishing. We highly recommend using an exfoliator without microbeads. 

2. Let it grow out

Give at least 4-6 weeks of constant growth to allow your beard to grow as evenly as possible, this will allow you to see what your full beard should look like. 

3. Supplements

Zinc is useful in raising testosterone levels needed for beard growth and a lack of zinc may cause follicles to actually break down. Also, vitamin b5 and biotin b7 helps deliver nutrients down to the shaft.

4. Water

Dehydration will stop those vital aforementioned nutrients from reaching the hair shaft and allowing your beard to flourish. 

5. BEARDFLUENCE - The BEARDFLUENCE NIGHT oil contains the botanical weaponry needed to sustain and grow your beard.